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What do you think of Keith Urban's New song, Til Summer Comes round

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I've not hardly been able to hear it much on the country radio stations, myself, which is driving me MAD! :(

I am entranced by this song, the style, the different way it's played, not really "country" but more nostalgic, and the word captivated me from the start.

It reminds me ALOT of the songs that were written in the 60s, very sentimental and full of emotion, but yet, sort of vague in a way.. writing about his brush with love, unsuccessful, but heart-stirring at the same time.

He's really come far as an artist, in my opinion. I expect great things from him in the future.

He seems pretty grounded too, on the album cover, there's a number he wants his fans to call to let him know how they like the album! That's pretty modest of him, I think! :)

Anyway, try find it on the radio, if you can.. I'm not sure why they are not playing it much lately....

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