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Given to Fly ~ Pearl Jam

A wave came crashing like a fist to the jaw

Delivered him wings, "Hey, look at me now"

Arms wide open with the sea as his floor

Oh, power, oh

one of the first Pearl Jam songs I actively heard btw :)

Name the first song you remember listening from one of your favourite bands/artists.

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I don't do that... I admit I'm too cheap to buy an album just because of one song

but I did buy Die Ärzte's "Bäst of" compilation just for the 2nd CD of B-Sides, from which I already had about a third... hope that counts :)

Name an artist another person made you listen to, which you turned out to rather like.

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It would be nicer to name a song with its exact lyrics. Synonymously, it will bear more fun and excitement if we will put it together with the lyrics. Lyrics matter a lot than the song.

Jeanlery, welcome to Songfacts. We have threads dealing with lyrics. Here's one you might like:

Favorite lyrics

We're open to new ideas. Look around and familiarize yourself with our topics. We're anxious to have your input.

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