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I like this little guy. :Ohno: I'm sooo scared... ohnoes.gif

This could be awarded to someone not conforming to board rules and general trolls... nono.gif

This one when you're feeling so crazy you drool a little bit, kinda like this guy. Watch him, his eye spasms and then you'll see dribbling from the lower right of his mouth... grazy.gif

Let's not forget birthdays... hb2.gif

Point/counterpoint debate... smiley_552.gif

What to do with really bad songs... flush.gif

A happy one... biggrinbounce2.gif

Wiggle... wiggle.gif

Ridiculous statements... icon_rolleyes.gif

How about a dose of creativity... idea.gif

When you're really feeling good... facesjump.gif

When you hear a good metal tune... notnice.gif

Give your two cents worth... twocents.gif

Play a violin for a whiner... boohoo.gif

When you're really being a goof... goof.gif

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