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Mellencamp for Senate?

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99% of them are career politicians. They went to law school, or had some other kind of higher education and pursued a life of public service as what they did for a living.

Yes, and they suck. Al Franken is fun to watch because he's a real person who doesn't have the patience to put up with the bullshit of congress. And he's doing a good job. I feel like Mellencamp would be the same way.

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I know he's a democrat, but why would he ask McCain to stop playing his songs? I find that a bit disturbing.

I'm a democrat but campaigned alot for McCain for his pres race. I'm sorry he lost....

But.. it's possible that mellencamp could win, is he NOT doing any music now?

hmmm... funny who's in our government now.. the CA govt was a big time movie star and muscle building winner... didn't we have a big wrestler out of MN?

Interesting... I swear, the way things are going in our country, we'd be doing better having Paris Hilton running our country.. At least her family knows how to run a successful business!

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probably independent...and that's who wants your votes...maybe a tea party vote? For people that don't live or vote here...from wherever...Basically,in the USA...2 parties...the Democrats and the Republicans...they both aren't very good...maybe John Mellencamp could run as an Independent? Like I've said before this guy seemed like a decent person...and honest... politics is not good for anybody

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