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Amanda Palmer (Dresden Dolls)


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This interview particularly excites me. Mostly because I had no idea who Amanda Palmer was when she was recommended as an interview subject, only to find out her style is deliciously unique and very infectious, and her attitude is very much the same.

Have a look at her videos... the viewability of those alone caused me to swear my undying devotion for Amanda; not an easy feat.

When I called her at the appointed time on January 15, my call went straight to voice mail. Fast forward 1 1/2 hours and she's calling me back full of apologies, but with a very good excuse: she got engaged to "Coraline" author Neil Gaiman just a few hours earlier. Judging by our conversation, and the lightness in her voice alone, I have a feeling if I'd been there in person, I would have had to wear sunglasses for the glow coming off of her smile. :grin:

You'll be fascinated by Amanda Palmer, too. I promise.

Amanda F****** Palmer (that's the name of her Web site!)

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