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A. Place. To. Bury. Strangers.

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This gig meant SO much to me.

They must have been awesome because after the show regular life is a downer. It just doesn't match to the gig. I'm on a massive low. I got a hug from Oliver Ackerman. I like his hair. This is the best gig I've been to in my life. I'm v. unhappy now. Because it's over. And life is a disappointment in comparison.

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I'm just heartbroked I didn't get to meet them after the show because I could've but a stubborn friend dragged me home. In retrospect I regret not having stayed behind. Being thrown back into reality so suddenly is rubbish. The show was marvallous - so gritty, so raw, so loud, so seizure-inducing, so LSD-tripping, so... me. Remember, this is the band whose latest album is my brain in audio form. Anyway, they're a band that mean a lot to me and despite the very cosy hug I feel I didn't get enough of them - like something's missing, ya know?

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