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Thank You Buddy

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It's called, "The Day The Music Died", but I never fail to be astounded to realize how much Buddy Holly accomplished by 22. What an incredibly brilliant artist Buddy was. I feel more sad about how his manager / producer Norman Petty chiseled Buddy financially placing him in the position where he needed to go on that winter tour. Buddy had planned to produce, as well as record a bunch of his own songs he'd put on home recordings just weeks before he was killed. Thankfully we can enjoy those last songs un dubbed. After Petty was given the job of producing those last songs, they were barely recognizable. Buddy, to me, belongs with Mozart in being a prolific musical genius. I don't know 2 other musical masters who contributed so much to music while they lived all to briefly. The songs that Buddy wrote have stood the test of time. In my mind, the songs that sound outdated were either written by other folks, which Petty wanted Buddy to sing, or the songs are over burdened with Petty's 1950's bric-a-brac. Buddy Holly gave us so much by the time he was gone at 22. If Mozart died at the age of 22, rather than 35, I doubt he would be remembered for too much. I love Mozart, and I know that most of his immortal music came later. Buddy, like all the great artists, share a common trait. The great ones keep getting better and better through their lifetimes. That, to me, is only true about a very exclusive group in any art form, but it's a common vain among all whom we call, "immortal". Thank You, Buddy!!

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