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Okay, kiddies, gather 'round and let me say to get thee to the nearest record store or click on your favourite music website and buy a Asobi Seksu album. Any album will do. If you dig that Bloody Valentine distorted, muffled Indie Pop that hi-jacks your mind for daze, then this is the band to follow.

"Thursday" (from the Citrus album)


"Transparance" (from their album Hush)


I have not felt this excited to listen to new music in a coupla years. Not only that, but they tour non-stop. It's crazy. I almost feel bad for her, but I also feel they need to tour and record MOAR :cool:

OMG! I THINK I'M IN LOVE!!!madani.gif

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The semblance to MBV is all over their sound: distorted guitar, muffled-whispered vocals being drowned by the instrumentation. It's fairly obvious. The main difference being MBV is LOUD. Another band similar to both is Jesus And Mary Chain:


I have all of Asobi Seksu's albums and two singles. I definitely love Citrus, but Rewolf and Live At... are really good as well :headphones:

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New album came out earlier this year and it's a good one. I can't decide which is their best track, but I'm gonna go with "Leave The Drummer Out There." They really went off on that one. "In My Head" comes a close second with "Trails" and "My Baby" rounding things off quite well.

Praise the lord, hallelujah. There is still hope for good music being made nowadays :headphones:

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I've seen it under recommendations at the yesasia website. Oddly enough, if it's not related to animu, I seldom listen to Japanese music. I'm more into Corean Indie Electronic Pop. It's one of the few instances when Japan isn't superior.

Here's a clip of Swinging Popsicle's "Kanashii Shirabe" (lit. "Sad Melody"). Coincidentally, this song was featured in a Corean Pop compilation from Pastel records. She has a sweet voice in this song; the kind that'd make me wanna hold her and tell her "it's okay" hahahah. I like it :headphones:


Here's the ending theme to the old Area 88 miniseries:

Looking at what kind of music I collect, the majority of it is by male vocalists. So, to enjoy Japanese Pop music by female vocalists is a bit strange and uncommon. I'll even listen to the annoying/high-pitched stuff with no qualms.


No Visual Kei in my collection, except for a few songs by X...

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