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American Idol Season 9

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she was the best one I heard... but then I didn't get to hear Siobahn, since I was blabbing on the phone when she was on and hit the mute button. :crazy: What did the judges say about her performance? (Siobahn's)

I also missed Casey's... was he any good? I think that Bobby Sherman dork will be gone tonight...

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I was wondering how much further Andrew (no voice) Garcia would go. He totally destroyed Hound Dog. I think Elvis did a flip in the grave after that awful rendition. I believe his stay was only lengthened by his homies.

As for Katie, she has a good voice and I can see her going places. It is kind of hard to figure out what kind of genre would fit her best but I have to believe it is not pop. I could see her as a country singer or standards singer. She was superb two weeks ago when she sang Let It Be.

I am still a believer of Crystal's. She totally outshines the rest of the remaining crew though I can see Lee DeWyze coming up with an upset. Big Mike may be next to travel home and Siobhan has a great voice but has to calm it down some. The screams are not helping.

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Last night Lee DeWyze showed he can win this whole thing. In the last 4 or 5 weeks he has been simply brilliant. His rendition of That's Life was perfect and believable.

I have to believe MamaSox may be shaking a little in her boots. While I believe she will prevail I will not be the least bit surprised if Lee wins the whole thing. Either way, I am looking forward to his first album.

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