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American Idol Season 9

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I really hate American Idol, not because it's convenient, but because you can count on one hand and have fingers left over the number of winners that have had actual sustained careers. I think Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood are it. Chris Daughtry has been quite successful but he didn't win. Jennifer Hudson won an Academy Award, and she didn't win. I can't name anyone else who came off that show and did anything with any kind of lasting impact. They tout this show as the search for the next big superstar, but two winners out of how many seasons? Not a good track record.

Not to mention, they destroy good songs. I'd rather have these kids sing original songs they wrote or composed themselves rather than hear them take dumps over already great songs. It's like karaoke for the tone deaf.

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I mean, not all of them have the musical talent to write songs. Sometimes they're just good singers. And sometimes not even that.

I think American Idol has become more of a platform for musicians rather than a "winner is the superstar" competition. It doesn't help that there is an entire website, votefortheworst.com, that bases it's entire existence on messing up the competition. They consider Senjaya and Taylor Hicks their crowning achievements.

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What I saw of it was awful. I tried to stay awake, but it didn't even hold my interest. Although I knew going in it would be a hatchet job, after what they did to the Beatles & Queen. Certain songs and groups are iconic, and should just be left alone. But, it was the producers fault for using the theme, not the contestants. They were set up to fail. :P

That being said, all but about 3 of them completely suck anyway, and would have no matter what they sang. :(

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winners that have had actual sustained careers. I think Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood are it.

David Cook.

Last night's standout for me was definitely Siobahn. She's been right there every week so far (that I've seen - I have missed a couple of weeks, though) and she's just quirky enough to pull it off and become a big hit.

What left me wondering the most is the fact that DiDi, Katie, and Lacey are still there, and Lily is gone. That's craziness.

What I like the best are people like Siobahn and David Cook who, during the competition, have taken songs and revamped them in such a cool and good way that I have practically forgotten who the artists were who put those songs on the map originally. Bo Bice also did that with his a capella version of "In A Dream" by Badlands.

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David Cook.

Didn't he win last year or the year before that? I wouldn't call one year a "sustained career". Besides Clarkson and Underwood have multiple #1 singles & albums and multiple Grammy Awards. Underwood was even inducted into the Grand Ole Opry which is a major, major honor in country music.

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The Opry does tend to be less discerning nowadays. :D

I'm no fan of Cook especially, and you can't call his career lengthy but it has been rather specatacular:

For the Billboard chart week ending May 25, 2008, a week following Cook's American Idol victory, Cook broke several Billboard chart records. Most notable was his record shattering feat of having eleven songs debut on the Hot 100 that week, beating the previous record set by Miley Cyrus (Hannah Montana) in 2006 when she had six songs debut on the chart.[28] Cook's first single, "The Time of My Life" led the pack, debuting at #3 on the Hot 100.[28] Cook's eleven charting songs also gave him the most songs by one artist on the Hot 100 of any week in the Nielsen SoundScan era (which began in 1991), and the most of any era since The Beatles placed 14 songs on the chart the week of April 11, 1964.[28] In addition, that same week Cook also broke the record for the most debuts on Billboard's Hot Digital Songs chart, where he placed 14 debut entries, the record of which was previously six set by Bon Jovi in 2007.[28] Cook's 17 entries had a combined total of 944,000 digital downloads in the first week of selling.[29] The song also reached #61 in the UK due to downloads alone.

The boy is, if nothing else, one hell of a flash in the pan. ;)

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Didn't he win last year or the year before that? I wouldn't call one year a "sustained career".

From Mirriam-Webster online:


1 sustain (transitive verb)

Main Entry: 1 sus·tain

Pronunciation: \sÉ™-ˈstÄn\

Function: transitive verb

Etymology: Middle English sustenen, from Anglo-French sustein-, stem of sustenir, from Latin sustinēre to hold up, sustain, from sub-, sus- up + tenēre to hold — more at sub-, thin

Date: 13th century

3 : keep up, prolong


Main Entry: pro·long

Pronunciation: \prə-ˈlȯŋ\

Function: transitive verb

Etymology: Middle English, from Middle French prolonguer, from Late Latin prolongare, from Latin pro- forward + longus long

Date: 15th century

1 : to lengthen in time : continue

2 : to lengthen in extent, scope, or range


Therefore, I conclude that what constitutes a "sustained" career is merely a matter of opinion. :beatnik:

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From the very first post of this thread.


*Gentle Words from Mama Peaches*

I understand that American Idol and shows of that nature are a polarizing topic. People generally love them or hate them. This particular thread is a safe haven for discussions amongst those who enjoy the show.

So if you don't like American Idol or the premise of the show, this thread might not be the place for you.

Thank you and have a pleasant day. :grin:

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