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Artists you don't like, but are in your genre tastes?

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- franz ferdinand, the killers, the bravery, british sea power, the klaxons, and the majority of that nu new wave wankery.

- any rap from 1990 onward.

- the white stripes, kings of lean, kaiser chiefs, and the rest of that crap.

- tool, chevelle, coal, audioslave, and all of that irritating rock.

- clodplay and sno patrol.

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Blur are more whiny than Suede. Suede yelp. I mean just compare Tender to Stay Together.

This is before Thom Yorke came along with the aim of sucking whatever testosterone was left out of popular music. I give him props for being able to sell it, though, he's like Freud.

:D I love my evil self :D

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Cash, check or paypal?

Oh, should I ever attain the higher rankings, is there any chance I could be known as a Coelacanth? I've never been a coelacanth and I think it might be kinda cool to be a fish that was thought extinct but really isn't.....

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