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Artists you don't like, but are in your genre tastes?

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I like prog rock but not prog metal (especially Tool). Which isn't really that surprising, since they are actually quite different.

Every prog rock band I know has at least one song that I really like. However there are some that I find too inconsistent in quality, namely ELP and Rush.

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Soundgarden/Chris Cornell/Audioslave: Excepting a few great songs from Badmotorfinger and of course "Cochise" but I just don't care for him as a singer.

O, I meant to mention Soundgarden but didn't because I don't DISlike them, I just don't actively like them and I'm supposed to.

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Bon Jovi



Good Charlotte (though I admit to listening to them on occasion on my ipod)

KISS (I like them, but not everything they do and they're total sellouts)


Rod Stewart


Archers of Loaf (this alt-indie band SUCKS!)

Spin Doctors

Flaming Lips (you guys make me laugh everytime you hype something about these guys)

Jane's Addiction (they have good stuff, but I can't stand Ferrell or Navarro)

Kings of Leon

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I don't know if I have a "genre", but I do like a lot of pop and mainstream stuff. Even though I don't mind the Black Eyes Peas, I don't like Fergie's solo stuff. You guys were saying that Taylor Swift's songwriting was poor, but I give her the benefit of the doubt because she's still young. What the hell is the excuse for whoever wrote "Big Girls Don't Cry?"

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"Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots" is the 6th best album of the 00's. BAM!

Hmmm for this thread I'm going to go with Vampire Weekend. I do like them, but I just can't go crazy over them like so many of my musical peers do.

Fourth best for me, and they also got fourth best song. Double BAM! Just thought I'd throw that in for Mindcrime's continued amusement. :P

And agreed about Vampire Weekend. I'll also add MGMT, particularly for the quite irritating "Time To Pretend".

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