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TV- recording

Part of a generation raised on jealous adoration

False hopes and distant dreams

Electronic Exaltation praised angelic through the nation

Daily dose of humanity

I've got a second life in the living room

But I wish that it would end

And at the wake we could create a plan to take

Everything back again

Spoon-fed emotion in between adverts for lotion

In an ocean LCD

In every room, down every aisle, addictions put on trial

The honorable FCC

I've got a lot of friends in Hollywood,

But I wish it would burn down

And with the ashes, sweep the poison from the masses

Save ourselves before we drown

At 8 PM (Eastern Standard Time)

A cop who's seen it all tries to solve an eerie crime

And 2 channels down, which contestants will be frowning

When they're voted off the final bonus round?

Then, oh brother, It's another unwed teenage mother

Working 2 jobs, one at Walmart, and one involving lots of rubber..

Holy sh*t, she's addicted to barbiturates!

America, you're just gonna love her!

Why don't we smash our f*ckin TV's

Run outside and finally be free

Rediscover what it means to

Be. We can drop

LSD, climb a tree, @8:03 PST

Let's smash our TV's

Give our 3rd eyes a chance to breathe

See what truly can be


Beauty, Infinity, You'll be you, I'll be me

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Good stuff, Tony! I really like the flow here. Although one line ends a bit rough: ".. which contestants will be frowning" could be ".. which consestants frown" which would keep the meter and the meaning intact.

Don't think making it X-rated with the two expletives adds at all. Those are merely shortcuts for impact that do not match creativity found in the remainder of the piece.

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Thanks for all the comments on this one too! @ S2V, I just feel like TV can be really vulgar and unscrupulous, and nothing is ever sacred there, and what better metaphor for that feeling than swearwords... but I'm glad you liked the rest of it haha, it means a lot coming from such a talented poet as yourself.

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