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Why did the authorities in Amsterdam a/p NOT hold terrorist 2 DETROIT


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I don't understand this. The man who tries to light, well, he DID light a explosive charge, i.e. firecracker or something explosive when he landed on Flight 253 in Detroit, on December 25th??

The officials in Amsterdam, are they being questioned as to why they did not just detain him? Cuz he's been on the suspicious person list for some time I just heard.

oh, this freaks out.. Al-kaida is back in town again, and he choose Christmas day in the midwest of all times to do this crap!

They've been predicting bad storm in the midwest for a week now, I bet that was the impetus....

Sometimes I think we need to keep our business to ourselves honestly. it keeps you alive!!

What is with your Amsterdam officials? you really dropped the ball big time with this manuever!

They need to fire that official that did not detain him.. The terrorist had that stuff with him when he boarded obviously... well, it was hidden, but cannot we have dogs or something that can sniff out explosive devices for planes bound for the US?

After all, we ARE post-911 and it's clear that Al-Kaida has us in their sights again! Spooky!!

What bolsters my spirits is the fact that ALL those passengers JUMPED that guy!

You passengers of Flight 253 ROCK! We thank you from the bottom of our hearts, we honestly do!

And the passengers were NOT ALL americans either.

After all 911 went down, I went through post after post condemning us Americans, even after all the misery that 911 put our & other countries innocent citizens. Not to mention the countless lives lost by fireman, policeman, residents of NY!

Okay, I'm off this little soapbox.. but obviously we need to go back to HIGH SECURITY in our country!

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