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Sesame Street Sing-Along --- Looking For The CD Version

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As a child, I remember having this on casette tape. I'm not sure if this is familiar to you, but here is the track listing. I wonder, where I could find

this same one on CD? If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know. I like it a lot!

1. Let's Sing a Song That Everybody Knows

2. The Bear Went Over The Mountain

3. The Eensy Weensy Spider

4. The Alphabet Song

5. George Washington Bridge

6. Let's Sing a Song That Everybody Knows

7. Let's Go Driving

8. Sing After Me

9. Sesame Street Theme Song

10. The People In Your Neighborhood

11. Sesame Street Theme Song

12. Six Little Grouches

13. Tongue Twister

14. Come On And Join Into The Game

15. Bingo

16. Take Me Out To The Ball Game

17. I Got Me A Rooster

18. Rubber Duckie

19. I Love Trash

20. Everyone Makes Mistakes

21. Hush Little Baby

22. There's a Whole In The Bottom Of The Sea

23. The More That We're Together

24. Let's Sing A Song That Everybody Knows

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Actually, I do remember that tape from my wee childhood days. It's Sesame Street Goes Driving, or Sesame Street Car Songs, or something like that. But no, I don't have it on CD and Amazon doesn't appear to have it.

Weird that I'd even remember that. I must have been 3 or so.

Do you know perhaps where I could find it? I used to have the tape version as a child. That's how I remember the tracks. Also, I remember that Bert and Ernie were driving on a bus to Uncle Louie's farm. Near the end of Side 1, the bus runs out of gas!

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But I wonder, since it seems to say that the version I'm looking for is only available on LP or cassette, should I just buy the cassette version and then have someone digitally remaster it onto CD for me?

Also, there's a program you can download for free, I believe, called audacity, and what you can do (what we do at my school, since the instructors dictate our work onto cassette) is copy the cassette onto a sound file yourself and then burn it to CD.

Disclaimer: I do NOT know how to use this - I always have someone else do it for me!!! So please don't ask me for assistance.

Here's the link: Audacity and it's free. :)

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You probably already found this but I had everyone singing these camping the other day from memory and decided to look it up to find the rest of the songs.. lol  I'm 38 now but used to love these..  They are on amazon prime. 


Hopefully you're still paying attention to this old thread.. lol  


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