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I'll try to write.

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This is the first song I've ever written. So I'm sorry if I suck and pollute the air.


I've been asking around,

Asking all my friends.

Why is it that the Good Lord sends,

All us people down here,

From Heaven To Earth?

Why am I living on Earth?

What Is The Meaning Of Life?

Are we all going to Hell?

Or will He reward us eternal Love?

I'm swimming in an Ocean of anger!

Swimming in a morbid pool of Hate!

What am I doing down here?

And what am I about to become?

Do I want to Live or do I want to die?

I guess I'll know when it happens!

For now I'm living, but tomorrow I'll cry!

It'll feel like I'm dead.








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First of all, Daniel, its usually not a good idea to say your work sucks before anyone gets the chance to read it. One of the things I had to learn was that it doesnt matter what anyone online or offline thinks of my work...Its MY work....Now, with that being said, I will also say that your song has an immense amount of heart in it and that you did a marvelous job, I think... Keep writing.


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Wow, go easy on your self, pollute the air? At least you have to creativity to think of something original to write. Keep working and the more you work the more you will appreciate the talent you have In front of you. I'v been writing since I was like 9 years old, I look back at it all and laugh. You will grow to be an extraordinary writer. Good job by the way.

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It´s not bad at all!! It don´t suck at all! At least you have guts to post your feelings, and knowing you´re very young and have a good music taste I´d tell you to keep on writing and rocking. John Lennon didn´t better at your age... We´ll be hearing of you and then remember your first lyric, sure. :coolio:

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