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Help Me Out Music Fans

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Hello, I had this idea for awhile to assemble a book of all my theories, favorite quotes, pictures ect. It would be just for me, something to carry around as my "personal Bible"

Any way, I'm trying to come up with my "hymnal", that is a section filled with lyrics of the most "worthy" songs. I've written over 400 songs, and some will be my own and there are some songs I'm rather partial too, but as of yet no songs were inducted into the hymnal. That's why I signed up! Music fans it's up to you to nominate songs! I'm going to say the Hymnal should have 200 songs, and I hope to compile my book by the end of the week.

Can you help me out?

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I will nominate a few of my favorite songs, add and change songs till we get a solid best 100 then I'll induct

01. Video Killed The Radio Star - The Buggles

02. The Spirit Of Radio - Rush

03. Goodnight Saigon - Billy Joel

04. Watching The Wheels - John Lennon

05. A Day In The Life - The Beatles

add and change

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River Deep - Mountain High - Ike & Tina Turner

When I was a little girl

I had a rag doll

Only doll I've ever owned

Now I love you just the way

I loved that rag doll

But only now my love has grown

And it gets stronger

In every way

And it gets deeper

Let me say

And it gets higher

Day by day

And do I love you?

My oh my

Yeah river deep - mountain high

Yeah yeah yeah

If I lost you would I cry?

Oh how I love you baby

Baby baby

When you were a young boy

Did you have a puppy

That always followed you around?

Well I'm gonna be

As faithful as that puppy

No I'll never let you down

'Cause it grows stronger

Like a river flows

And it gets bigger baby

And heaven knows

And it gets sweeter baby

As it grows

And do I love you?

My oh my

Yeah river deep - mountain high

Yeah yeah yeah

If I lost you would I cry?

Oh how I love you baby

Baby baby baby

I love you baby

Like a flower loves the spring

And I love you baby

Like a robin loves to sing

And I love you baby

Like a school boy loves his pet

And I love you baby

River deep - mountain high

Baby baby baby oh baby oh oooh

Do I love you?

My oh my oh

Yeah river deep - mountain high

Yeah yeah yeah

If I lost you would I cry?

Oh how I love you baby

Baby baby baby


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far superior list is awesome! But I'm also looking for obscure wonders. I think I'll make it 200 songs, remember to nominate your favorites

I have the first inductee, The Spirit Of Radio by RUSH

I've been listening to this one so much lately, and my grandest prayer growing up was that I was praying out of integrity not pride. And music is my outlet when the whole seems fake, it's all I have left that's honest.

"All this machinery making modern music

can still be open hearted

not so coldly charted, it's really just a question

of your honesty, yeah, your honesty

One likes to believe in the freedom of music

but glittering prizes and endless compromises

shatter the illusion of integrity."

so beautiful I could cry

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Drum roll

for first 50 inductees into The Hymnal

The Hymnal

1 The Spirit Of Radio - RUSH

2 Goodnight Saigon - Billy Joel

3 Fake Plastic Trees - Radiohead

4 Watching The Wheel - John Lennon

5 All You Need Is Love - Beatles

6 Another Brick In The Wall - PFloyd

7 Gimmie Shelter - Rolling Stones

8 Hurt - Johnny Cash

9 In The Air Tonight - Phil Collins

10 Iris - Goo Goo Dolls

11 Behind Blue Eyes - The Who

12 Africa - Toto

13 A Touch Of Grey - Grateful Dead

14 Scar Tissue - Red Hot Chili Peppers

15 Lake Of Fire - Nirvana

16 Shine - Collective Soul

17 Someday Never Comes - CCR

18 In The Ghetto - Elvis Presely

19 Drops Of Jupiter - Train

20 Joining You - Alanis Morissette

21 Time After Time - Cyndi Lauper

22 A Day In The Life - The Beatles

23 Major Tom Is Coming Home - Peter Shilling

24 Solsbury Hill - Peter Gabreil

25 That'll Be The Day - Buddy Holly

26 Sitting - Cat Stevens

27 All Along The Watchtower - Jimi Hendrix

28 The Beginning Is The End - Smashing Pumkpins 

29 Spilt Milk - The Cure

30 100 Years - Five For Fighting

31 Mrs Robinson - Simon and Garfunkle

32 Instant Karma - John Lennon

33 Crucify - Tori Amos

34 Stairway To Heaven - Led Zepplin

35 A Whiter Shade Of Pale - Procol Harum

36 19th Nervous Breakdown - Rolling Stones

37 You Found Me - The Fray

38 Miami 2017 - Billy Joel

39 Video Killed The Radio Star - The Buggles

40 November Rain - Guns and Roses

41 Image - John Lennon

42 Red Flag - Billy Talent

43 Refugee - Tom Petty  

44 Disintegration - The Cure

45 Let It Be - The Beatles

46 21st Century Breakdown - Green Day

47 Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen

48 Like A Rolling Stone - Bob Dylan

49 I Must Belong Somewhere - Bright Eyes

50 Every Rose Has Its Thorns - Poision

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the problem is, for me at least, that your topic is a bit too non-specific, ie I have a hard time thinking up only 'a couple' great songs... if you know what I mean ;)

nevertheless, I can try...

Angel ~ Massive Attack

The Mercy Seat ~ Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds

Golden Brown ~ The Stranglers

Standing Outside a Broken Phonebooth With Money In My Hands ~ Primitive Radio Gods

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I think, (actually I know) because I found out from the source .... that bluesy didn't realize it was a quote of b-f's signature (which I adore btw) and he feels kind of bad .... the comment would be a bit better with a strategically placed (*) but no big deal I don't believe, and no harm done. Carry on. ;)

Now that was one h*ll of a runon sentence, was it not? :D

Edited by Guest
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PYo, for a sample of my tastes and preferences, you could check out the 50 tracks I nominated for my "Personal Top 10" HERE

I'm not sure about your Personal Hymnal idea; does it boil down to "If my Ipod has to be limited to my 50 favourite songs, which would they be?" or are there more specific eligibility criteria, such as an emphasis on "soul-sustenance", lyricism, beauty, etc.?

Personally, I find that different musics fulfil different functions / needs. All that punk / post-punk / alt.rock stuff that I love is fine for its purpose, but I'm not necessarily going to listen to The Butthole Surfers (for example) for their lyrical beauty, or spiritual properties.

(Having said that, bands like Sonic Youth are capable of creating such great art that it does become spiritually-enriching, in the way that great art can.)

Some of my favourites, from the soul-nourishment perspective, include:

"Song To The Siren" - This Mortal Coil

"Revelator" - Gillian Welch

"Sycamore" - Bill Callahan

"Police And Thieves" - Junior Murvin

"Guess Who's Coming To Dinner" - Black Uhuru

Then I would have to include some stuff by Sonic Youth (maybe "Expressway To Yr Skull"), Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds (say, "Nature Boy" or "There She Goes,My Beautiful World"), The Cocteau Twins, something by Low.

e.g. "Shame" - Low

This post has taken too long, and I've timed out.

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ok a few...

"Juggernaut"- Frank Marino and Mahogany Rush

"God"- John Lennon

"What if God was one of us?"- Prince

"I am the sword"- Motorhead

"Starship Trooper"- Yes ...sorry not with Trevor Horn

"Dead and gone"- Motorhead

"Snorting Whiskey"- Pat Travers Band

"Boom ,Boom out go the lights"- Pat Travers Band

"Friend of the Devil"- Grateful Dead

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