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Mick Jones of Foreigner

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I'm really impressed with Mick Jones. He's one of those guys with lots of layers, which he'll reveal if you ask politely.

First, the hits - "Juke Box Hero," "Dirty White Boy," "Double Vision," "I Want To Know What Love Is," "Waiting For A Girl Like You." He graciously told the stories behind the songs, including the one that made the legendary Ahmet Ertegun cry.

He produced Van Halen's 5150 album and Billy Joel's Storm Front. This is where it gets interesting - what does he bring to a session where the guys he's working with are established stars? For Van Halen, you let Eddie do his thing and do your best to coax an outstanding vocal performance out of Sammy Hagar.

Mick does a lot of listening and is still trying to learn new things. Part of that is the influence of Mutt Lange, who produced the classic 4 album. Mutt wanted to know about every idea the band had - every word in the notebook that could lead to something great. People call it "meticulous," but it's really passionate and receptive.

He also raised Mark Ronson. See what I mean about the layers?

Check out the Interview with Mick Jones of Foreigner

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I saw Foreigner live at the Hampton Rhoads coliseum back in the summer of '81 when they were doing the "4" tour!

They had a huge screen as a back-drop! If one recalls an early TV's broadcast signal it counted down from ten, nine eight,....all the way to four! If one looks at the Foreigner fourth album cover they'll see the "four" with a "swipe" almost ready to hit three!

They opened, surprisingly, with a track off their first album titled, Long Way From Home and ended with a splendid melody of ALL songs off the "Four" album!

I have to say they sounded better live than all of my albums by them.

They had no starting band, they were dressed in jeans, football jerseys and tennis shoes.

But they totally rocked and I'll be the first to say it was one of my favourite concert experiences! (1981)

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