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A poem of mine


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Dedicated to Ms. Joan Cartright for her inspiration

God gave me a gift, I?ll try to explain,

God gave me a gift, and I praise His name,

God gave me a gift, now I?m not the same,

God gave me a gift, to help ease all pain.

I don?t ask for riches, fortune, or fame,

I just want to give someone some hope to go on again,

I don?t want recognition, I don?t want any praise,

I just want to make someone have happier days.

God gave me a gift, so in return I can give,

Someone that special reason to continue to live.

God blessed me I know I can never repay,

But I continue to praise him each day.

God gave me a gift, of words I can say,

To make someone smile, feel happy, and gay,

God gave me a gift and I?ll tell you true,

Pray and ask and he?ll give one to you.

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Very nice. I see it's your first post. It's all down hill from here. :jester: I don't see you topping that.

Seriously, though, you should post that in "Life and Such".

It's really very good. I don't know alot about poetry. I've written a few, but I'm just not very good. But I know a good one when I see it.

Welcome to Songfacts! Watch out for HDThoreau ::...she's bad news. LOL.

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