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Ooooh! (Says "Salvador Dali")

name of a dessert - Orange Chiffon Cake

TV Drama - October Road

Movie from the 70s - One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest

Type of Clothing - Overalls

first word that comes to your mind - Oxymoron

It's under a big W! (same category)

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There were no TV shows in the 80s that began with Z, there was a Zorro show in 1990 though.




Zero Effect


- Movie with violence

- Song that was never released as a single (not played on radio)

- City from another country (other than your own)

- Historical figure's last name

- something naturally found outside

Letter: T

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Mr. Crime....ahem

Zorro (the fox) created in 1919 by Johnston McCulley and films too many to count since have been attributed to his main character. A 90's-show description only undermines the "true" mark of Zorro and all the great writings that followed.

Let's see; a TV show that was in the 80's but started with the letter "Z?"

What about Zartan, GI-Joe animated series or Z-Rock?

Now, I understand that Z-Rock is pushing it a bit but one has to realize that Z-Rock was a nationally syndicated radio network based out of Dallas, Texas, USA, in the mid-1980's through the mid-1990's that played heavy metal and hard rock music!

Z-Rock debuted on Labor Day 1986 and is credited with being the first nationally focused radio station/network. In March 1990, Z Rock was nominated for Billboard Awards, the only full time hard rock/metal programming ever nominated in the history of Billboard magazine.

I'm a DJ and have a television set in my studio! So Z-rock should count even if Zartan slew Zorro! ;)

And, Mr. Crime, you're absolutely right...there is no (80's) TV show that started with the letter Z but funny how one can make ashes into flames!

Be well, Mr.Crime and tanks for all the fish!

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Sorry Mr. Marcus, but I don't remember ever seeing either of those, but I don't really 20+ years ago either.

Well, since your age is zero then that'd make you a negative 20 give or take miscalculations and the Richter scale along with the average flow per mass given the weight of a given body.

Any body that's given is a gift and so is earth's own destruction of things it never needed.

And, Mr. Crime, you never have to say, "Sorry, Mr. Marcus."

Why?... because I sincerely doubt you would be capable of ever offending me.

That's a good thing, MindCrime!

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- Movie with violence: "Tae Guk Gi" (The Korean War...as seen by Koreans)

- Song that was never released as a single (not played on radio): "That Silver Haried Daddy of Mine" - Simon & Garfunkel (Gene Autry/Jimmy Long cover)

- City from another country (other than your own): Timbuktu

- Historical figure's last name: Zachary Taylor

- something naturally found outside: Tents

Same categories, Letter: L.

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