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the game got a bit off track, so I'll answer MC's and put CJ's up as the next in play

Letters: Vowels (a,e,i,o,u - each is used once

Album --American Beauty-The Grateful Dead

Sport / Game - Equestrian Horseback Riding

Store - Ikea

Mammal - Ungava lemming

Color - Orange

In Play

letter J

first name, occupation, month, food, animal

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Mammal - Ungava lemming

That had to be hard :doh: sorry bout that

Jason - Janitor - January - Jambalaya - Jackal

Richard - Retailer - no month for R - Roast Beef - Rhinoceros

Athlete's last name


Place you've never been

Something commonly found indoors

Body part


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Y: The Last Man (that was hard research)

Yttrium (silvery metallic transition metal)


You Can't Take It with You

Yates, Elizabeth (first female mayor - UK)


Animated movie

Sports terminology

Something very heavy

60's Album



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