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Fuja Lurdes wins Brazil!

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As a photographer, about 3 years ago, I began looking for a pop/rock group with talent and potential, while still in their infancy. The idea being to photograph a group at its early stages, in the hopes that, should they eventually become stars, I would have important foundational photos perhaps of some value. The son of a friend mentioned a group named Fuja Lurdes - formed for about 3 months - gave me a phome number of one of the group's members who was friends with the young man. As it so happened, the group practiced at the home of one of its members within walking distance of my house. I met with them and we made an agreement for my access to the band for taking pictures. I started shooting their practices, some of their personal moments and their early stage performances. I recall thinking, they really ARE good musicians! And more importantly, they were great young men of integrity and dedication to success, as well as tight friends. I have shot them on and off for 2 years now.

Well, it was just announced that the group won first place in a Star Search-like national contest sponsored by Pepsi called Zerohit Brasil, that culled hundreds, if not thousands, of Brazilian bands.

The winning song for the Pepsi contest is the first one you can click on their MySpace page, Imaginar. Fuja Lurdes will soon be featured in a big live stage show in Sao Paulo and have a CD cut with all production/promotional costs covered by PepsiCo.

I told them when I first met them that in order for my work with them to pay off, they would have to become as big as the Beatles. We all had a good laugh at that. Now, I am not laughing, but smiling. Couldn't happen to a better group of young men.

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