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2010 in music

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Although I continue to accumulate alot of music, most comes second-hand - bought from charity shops, borrowed, etc - so I hardly ever buy new up-to-the-minute music. I might buy some 2010 stuff (e.g. Liars "Sisterworld", Wild Nothing "Gemini") in the January sales, with any Christmas/birthday gift vouchers i might receive, if the mood takes me.

But, whilst I haven't bought alot of new albums in 2010, i have heard bits and bobs of the stuff that's supposed to be happening, and do you know what? In alot of cases, I don't care too much for what I've heard. I guess I'm out of step. Not that it's all bad, but there are too many full beards around for my liking. ;)

Anyway. New albums I have enjoyed this year include:

Killing Joke ~ "Absolute Dissent"

Danger Mouse & Sparklehorse ~ "Dark Night Of The Soul"

Paul Weller ~ "Wake Up The Nation"

Gonjasufi ~ "A Sufi And A Killer"

Evelyn & Evelyn ~ "Evelyn And Evelyn"

Zola Jesus ~ "Stridulum II"

I'll probably think of some more later.

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