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he's not heavy, he's my brother


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i know both the hollie and neil diamond both recorded the song around 1970. when i hear the song on local odies radio station i can't figure which artist i am hearing. does anyone know who's version is the most widely played on the radio. i am in south carolina if that helps. thanks

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That song is on The Terry Fox run movie. For those who don't know, Terry Fox was a Canadian hero. He had cancer and had only one leg. To raise funds for cancer research, he wanted to run the entire length of canada. He started in Newfoundland and ran 42 miles a day. He made it to Thunder Bay, Ontrio where he found that the Cancer had spread to his lungs, heart etc. He died. Since then (it was about 20-30 years ago) We have had a Terry Fox walk/run and bring in a dollar .

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