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STARCODE - NYC Based Popular Rock Band Releases New Album

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STARCODE - NYC based popular rock band releases new album called "A Fine Line." "I Found A Way," the first single off the album is a Top 40 radio ready hit and creating lots of buzz at college radio in Maryland and around the country.

STARCODE's unique sound, with powerful catchy hooks, has garnered much attention for the band. They were asked to perform with The Goo Goo Dolls, Fono, Smash Mouth, The Claypeople, Buckcherry, Belly and Pete Francis. The band's sound has been compared to Third Eye Blind, Lit, Blink 182, Nirvana and Smashing Pumpkins.

STARCODE recently performed live at the Billboard Magazine office in New York City - they packed the room with almost the entire staff in attendance. Everyone was very excited about their music.

The band recently performed at a charity benefit in Albany to raise money for Samaritans Suicide Awareness and Prevention. Some proceeds from sales of "A Fine Line" will be donated to Samaritansnyc.org. The band has also toured the east coast as well as the former Czech Republic for the DOD entertaining UN troops.

STARCODE was officially booked for the CMJ Music Conference in New York City at Alphabet Lounge on October 23, 2009. They packed the house.

The backbone of STARCODE is the O'Connor brothers; Dave O'Connor on bass guitar and lead vocals and Dan O'Connor on drums and vocals. The brothers O'Connor, joined by Steve Bernstein on guitar and Greg Nicotra also on guitar, create catchy, multi-layered pop melodies and interwoven guitars and loops creating songs that electrify the listener.

STARCODE members Dan O'Connor and Steve Bernstein have a successful history together – they used to play with MILC who was signed to Megaforce Records.

STARCODE is managed by Michele L. Larsen of Lady Larsen Entertainment, LLC.


"Starcode likely won't stay unsigned for long as their brand of music teeters on angst-free but still carries a modern message by way of a softer sound. Excellent guitars, excellent harmonies. And no, it's not Billy Corgan. It's better." - Local Vertical Blog

"...And after wearing out the repeat button on my stereo system while listening to this whole album the past few days, it's no wonder why STARCODE has garnered so much attention..." – Charlie Doherty, Blogcritics Magazine

"The mix of influences and the raw musical delivery of each member of STARCODE comes together delivering high energy hooky pop music, doing to the ears what fine wine does to the pallet." - Dale Penner, Producer

"In a world where music conglomerates promote carbon copies and rip offs of other bands, STARCODE keeps it real. Not only is STARCODE the premiere rock band of the new generation, but their style of "high energy dark pop rock" music is what sets them apart from other musical acts." - Timesunion.com

"A Fine Line," the bands finest work to date, has been a year in the making. The album was produced, mixed, and engineered by Dale Penner who has worked with Nickleback, Matthew Good, and Econoline Crush. Top level videos for "Found A Way" and "Don't Jump" are in the process of being completed.

Please visit http://www.starcode.com and http://www.myspace.com/starcode

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