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Great Music Intended For Children


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OK, so the other day I heard the Samson Rock again and it struck me how rock'n roll the music really is. The lyrics are very childish and the song was/is intended for children from 5-10 years. Maybe you guys would enjoy it even more as you don't speak Dutch...

So please share these great songs you know that are actually not meant for your age ;)

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It depends on what kind of children's music you're referring to. There are songs from children's shows, songs that are made to be liked by kids which were originally more serious, and songs that appeal to people of all ages.

Check it out:

Enrique Y Ana were probably the best I've heard. They had a lot of hit songs in Latin America in the 70s and early 80s (at least 15 or more).


Xuxa was another phenomenon that caught on for a bit in the late 80s and early 90s. It was all mainly theme songs from her show.

Menudo, Tatiana, Timbiriche, Parchis: Latin America really likes that cheezy junk :P

Cartoon theme songs are serious biz:


Capitán Futuro


The Lone Ranger (using the famous bit from "William Tell Overture")

Bannou Bunka Neko Musume


An all-time classic:

"Rabbit of Seville"


I remember wanting to be a conductor when I was a kid after seeing this :beatnik:

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Viaene, I am digging the Samson Rock song. Woop!

Z-Rock is a hilarious show on the Independent Film Channel about a rock band who takes gigs playing childrens' parties to make ends meet. They have some awesome songs, none of which I can find right now. I'm a huge help, right? :doh:

Spongebob Squarepants rocks my world..

Sweet Victory

To Love a Patty

Yo Gabba Gabba is also a good place for catchy kids songs by good groups. Plus, it's good to watch if you want to trip but are out of mushrooms.

Lovely, Love My Family - The Roots

It's Okay - The Shins

Happy Birthday - The Ting Tings

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Reality needn't be like that, though.

It's not that difficult to catch a spider- using a sheet of paper and a glass, for example- and put it outside. People do have the option to exercise control over their violent impulses in the face of fear and challenge. Surely this should be encouraged?

We have, (most of us, anyway), intellectual and physical superiority over the common household spider, yet our measured response to a chance encounter with a minuscule opponent is to use our superior resources for casual, unnecessary oppression and, in this case, murder. What sort of message is that to give the kids?

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You have a valid point. However, in the face of all the challenges today's children will likely face in the future, do we really want to raise a generation of adults so bent on peace and without a true understanding of what life can be and, more often than this should be the case given that we are a highly evolved species, is like, that they can easily be swayed and corrupted, if not controlled, by a minority that did not grow up with the values you and I would like to instill in our children, but instead with a reckless disposition and an insatiable thirst for power?

I believe it is necessary to equip today's children with a strong sense of right and wrong, but I also believe that we should aim to do so without closing their eyes to the unfair and cruel actions that, sadly, happen every day.

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I agree, up to a point, with your final sentence.

The previous one, however, was far too long and minimally punctuated. Improve your writing style and I might, one day, read the whole thing and make sense of it. ;)

My band were once invited to contribute to a compilation album of Who cover versions, which would have featured a number of relatively prominent punk/indie-noise artists of the day (Snuff, Senseless Things, Leatherface, etc.). We chose "Boris The Spider" and rehearsed a pretty good version of it, though I don't recall that we ever performed it "live". Unfortunately, the "Who-covers compilation album" project was abandoned before it came to fruition, so, much like the original Boris, our Boris never saw the light of day again. :(

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Minimally punctuated? I count eight commas!

Ok, then; poorly punctuated. I'd sooner read three or four properly structured sentences, than one long, rambling, inadequately-punctuated and only vaguely coherent one. But that's just a matter of personal choice. :)

That album sounds like it would've been pretty interesting. You didn't even record your own version of the song, only rehearsed it?

Well, we rehearsed it for a couple of months - quite excitedly, as I don't think our first album had come out at that point, so it would have been our first appearance on vinyl. The fella organising the compilation, (who later released our albums), was supposed to pay for some studio-time for the recording of the track, but hadn't yet come up with the goods, by the time he announced that the project had been abandoned. Can't remember why. Probably on the grounds of cost, as he was a right tightwad.

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