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Naked Songwriting

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Songworks ?Naked Songwriting? - A radio show for songwriters

From the 19th of January, a radio programme will be available at www.songscribbler.com that follows four musicians as they compose a song. From nothing but a musical style and a quick brief, the musicians then have three hours to write a song together. They are all working, gigging musicians with a lot of talent and they were recorded continuously as they went about creating the tune. Follow their progress from the numerous false starts and tangents through to the final, roughed-out version of the song and listen to all the debates and ideas as they move towards completion.

This is a must for any songwriter or anyone interested in songwriting because, for the first time, there is something that gives the public a sneak peek into all the inner workings of the songwriting process.

Head over to www.songscribbler.com to listen to the show and find more details on how it worked. In the bottom left corner of the home page is a link that will let you listen to the full show. Check it out and hear the final song, 'No Way to Lose'. There are also mp3?s and music downloads available.

If you, or anyone you know, is interested in songwriting then this is too good to miss.

Any questions, queries, input... email me, i'll be happy to talk to anyone about the process of songwriting, the radio show and how we recorded it, the song and how it was written, or the nature of www.songscribbler.com. Hell, i'll talk about anything music related. I'm a gigging, sweating musician, guitarist, singer, songwriter and i've been involved in many aspects of this crazy business... i'll be glad to help if i can.

Meanwhile, get over to the site and listen to the show.

See ya,


www.songscribbler.com - for original, unpublished music by the best songwriters

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