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Okay, so my friend and I are in the process of writing a graphic novel. Before we started, we just made a little prototype to see what it would look like. This is that prototype. The visual style is photographs ran through Photoshop and the writing is just something I wrote at the spur of the moment so I'd have some temp. stuff. Feedback would be appreciated.













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Thanks! My favorite is also the hydrant shot. I have a canvas print of it hanging on the wall in my office. We have the visual style down to a T...the writing is taking longer than expected. It just keeps growing and growing. We went from a simple, fun story to a thoughtful, deep story incorporating philosophy, psychology, religion, a bit of everything. But hey, that's what happens when you've been working on something since the 5th grade.

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The Crucifixion reminds me a bit of Salvador Dali (the only difference between a madman and me is I'm not mad)...his religious aspect...and what goes forth. Truly a genius that wasn't that long ago taken...or in his words "changed"

Tell me, honestly...did you not get that inspiration from him...or HIM?

Don't answer that... 'twould be, well, unlikely.

Just curious and just saying a diamond in-the-rough is only as good as the coal-in-hand, cool-hand-Luke;

"...my boy said he can eat fifty eggs! and KoKo, stop talking like a hillbilly-tramp and fetch me a cold drink!"

"Another night in the box!"

". . .You'll get used to them hound-dogs barkin', one day, Luke!

Ya know what else?

You'll get used to those chains rattlin' 'round your feet but thing is?..


You'll never get used to the way it sounds...like an echo that never stops!

For ever and ever . . .

Yeah, he was "smilin'!"

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My friend and I were walking around a Catholic cemetery and we saw the statue at the same time and both had the same thought. We figured it was a striking image and people could identify with it immediately, which made it perfect for the opening scene. The main character is talking about the meaning of life, and the pros and cons of dying for a cause.

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