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Swing and Scotch

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A short poem inspired by my two favorite things...Swing music and Glenlivet scotch...

Swing sings in your ears,

Songs both sad and full of joy

With the poetic elegance

Of a String of Pearls.

Scotch flows over your tongue

Stinging and soothing

With the delicate furiosity

Of the winged Valkyrie of old.

Swing and Scotch, two friends

Dancing on a crowded floor

Whirling, swirling, twirling

Expressing the music through themselves

Like moving poetry.

Swing and Scotch, two lovers

Lying in the moonlit night

Kissing, loving, embracing

Knowing nothing else but the magic

They make.

Swing and Scotch, two souls

Living as one in eachother’s arms

Laughing, Hoping, Dreaming

Wanting nothing but eachother

Forever more


Photo By: Ryan Barnes

Copyright AESIR IMAGE 2009

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