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Kevin Hearn and Thin Buckle

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Kevin Hearn is a remarkable man. He plays keyboards for the Barenaked Ladies, and in my opinion is very underutilized by the band. He and his band, Thin Buckle, are fantastic. They are clearly related to BnL, but have a sound that is all their own. Their debut album, H-Wing, was released in 1998. It was named after the Hospital Wing where Kev wrote the songs for the album. He was in the hospital wing because he was fighting for his life with a rare form of lukemia. As you can imagine, the tone of 'H-Wing' is rather somber and can be depressing. And then, as BnL like to put it, Kev kicked cancer's ass! Kevin and Thin Buckle's new album, 'Night Light,' was released here in the states in June 2004 (not sure when it was released in Canada, but it was earlier there). It is great! Kev is a musical genius, although that is hardly news to us BnL fanatics. It has a ton of musical variety, great lyrics, great backgrounds, great everything. You can hear two songs on Kev's official website , and you can buy the album on Amazon or Tower.com, or basically any other online music source. If you listen to them and like what you hear, request the album on iTunes like I did.

Anybody other than me heard them yet?

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yeah, i've heard them too. :) i'm a huge BnL fan and i worship kevin hearn :bow: i couldn't find any of their cds in stores around here in the US of A and assumed i was just looking in all the wrong places, but i guess you can only get them in canada or online. :doh: thank you for confirming my sanity.

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