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Songfactor's Top 10 Movies {HORROR / THRILLER}

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1. Exorcist, The - 121

2. Psycho - 92

3. Shining, The - 73

4. Silence of the Lambs, The - 62

5. Halloween - 58

6. Carrie - 51

7. Omen, The - 50

8. Se7en - 48

9. Sixth Sense, The - 47

10. Rosemary's Baby - 42

11. Misery - 32

12. Texas Chainsaw Massacre - 31

12. Wait Until Dark - 31

14. Birds, The - 29

14. Night of the Living Dead - 29

16. Jaws - 28

17. Alien - 26

18. Blair Witch Project, The - 24

18. Pet Sematary - 24

18. Poltergeist - 24

21. Haunting, The - 20

22. Changeling - 19

22. Friday the 13th - 19

24. Evil Dead 2 - 17

24. Fly, The - 17

26. A Nightmare on Elm Street - 16

27. Salem's Lot - 14

28. Strange Vice Of Mrs. Wardh, The (Lo Stranho Vizio Della Signora Wardh) - 10

29. Escape from New York - 9

30. Scream - 7

31. Bride of Frankenstein, The - 6

31. Child's Play - 6

31. Thing, The - 6

34. Black Sunday - 5

35. Final Destination III - 4

36. Eyes without a Face (Les Yeux Sans Visage) - 2

37. Ghost Story - 1

38. Legend of Hell House, The - 0

Thank you everyone who participated

:jack: :popcorn:

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Good shockers all.

IMO, the only two in this TT that seem not to fit the genre are Se7en and 'Lambs. The violent acts of the protagonists in these movies are certainly horrific; but they seem to better fit the police/crime genre. Perhaps because they are neither "other-worldly" or ask us to suspend our perceptions of reality, as a good horror film does. As sad as it is, both are more like today's headline's crime investigations.

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IMO, the only two in this TT that seem not to fit the genre are Se7en and 'Lambs.

As I was looking at the list earlier, I was thinking along those same lines. You're just so better able to express those thoughts than I can. :)

Otherwise, though, I think it's a great list. And the Exorcist is the perfect #1 - the all-time most horrific and scary movie I've ever watched. I was 12, I think, when I went to see it at the theater, and scared to walk from the car into my house when I got home. :puppyeyes:

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15. William Peter Blatty based his novel on a supposedly genuine exorcism from 1949, which was partially performed in both Cottage City, Maryland, and Bel-Nor, Missouri. Several area newspapers reported on a speech a minister gave to an amateur parapsychology society, in which he claimed to have exorcised a demon from a 13-year-old boy named Robbie, and that the ordeal lasted a little more than six weeks.

I've been there. To be exact, one of the St Louis real life locations was the old Alexian Brothers Hospital. In the years following the release of the film, the rumors grew, and so did the visits by young people. The building was closed to the public, but you could still get in through an annex. Spooky, dark, downright scary. But more because of the building itself, than the fact that an exorcism took place. Looking back, I think we were nuts. :o:P:o

Here's part of the tale of: the real exorcism, plus additional weird happenings. I know people still visit the location, although the building is gone. :P

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there was an actual case of an exorcism in Germany in 1976 too... here she didn't survive it though

Anneliese Michel

I remember that book and movie ' Audrey Rose ' ( or 'The Possession Of ... ' ) around this time along with other supernatural 'non-fiction' books . Not surprisingly, a number of pro -Christian flicks came out such as ' In Search of Noah's Ark ' , which claimed that certain people had clearly found evidence -photos included- of the remains of the the Ark on Mt. Ararat in Turkey . Another was ' Beyond and Back ' which was a pseudo - documentary about people who had died and either seen Hell or Heaven , but were revived . Anyone remember those ?

Those nutty '70's ...


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