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Golden Oldies Top 40 #33

OLD 55

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Okay, I just don't get the last part. I thought we could select any tracks not among the list? My top 3 selections are some of my favourite pre-64 tracks. Its very sad to me

The first post of the thread explains what the rules are for the 3rd section. The song had to chart on either the Pop or R&B charts from about 1950-1963 [pre-British Invasion]. And of course, they can't already be on our Top 40 list.

Another option you have if you can't think of any songs to nominate is to support songs that other people who have posted ahead of you have nominated. That's what quite a few of us do.

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All 5 of Pete's selections are certainly eligible, Pop or R & B charted.

Some of us don't vote down songs that have only been in a few weeks.

Then again some do. I don't, because I like to give them a chance.


OOPS ! There's been two Posts since I started making this one !

Stick around Pete. I'm going to open Top 40 #34 very soon !

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