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Best Ending

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But, IMHO, the best endings were made by the MASTER of suspense:

Alfred Hitchcock.

Agreed, I particularly like Vertigo, The 39 Steps, Spellbound and Rebecca.

Also, Memento, the ending is the beginning and the beginning the ending.

Witness for the Prosecution (1957) Complex courtroom drama by Billy Wilder starring the brilliant Charles Laughton with a great twist ending.

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I think the ending of "The Blair Witch Project" had one of the coolest endings ever.

At first, it was a bit puzzling, until I remembered something that was said earlier in the film by one of the townsfolk when Heather was doing the interviews surrounding the legend of the Blair Witch.

Then it all made sense for a great ending.

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The last ending of a film that has still left me wondering, contemplating, cogitating, blah, blah, blah is the original director's version of "The Butterfly Effect." It's also the ending that makes more sense to the film as opposed to the theatrical cut aka the Hollywood version.

In case others haven't seen it, I'll constrain my views.

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I'd say that one of the most frightening sequences of ANY movie written by book (Stephen King) was "Carrie."

To me, it was one of the first horror films that used "multi-frame" technology.

There are other great efforts including "the Stand, Storm of the Century and the Mist."

They convey the author's true intention by grabbing the reader's imagination and allowing a story to become an entity.

Great writing.

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