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Yay! :happybanana:

It sure took a long time for those two days to pass here on Mars.

Come in, Kenne.

Mars calling Kenne.

Do you copy?

{sound of static, crackling in the atmosphere} :D


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I think Kenne got lost in space like Major Tom, so I will post in his absence.

Baseball Related Words (6X)

Charlie packed his tuba tightly in the box to protect it.

He wondered if a tuba sent to another state would arrive without any damage.

Being loved by his grandma, he knew she would take good care of it for him until he could visit her.

He used to keep it chained to his bedpost because he was afraid someone would take it while he was sleeping.

He would also rub all of the parts with a rag to keep it looking shiny and new.

He is looking forward to next month because there is a festival in town where he can meet other band members.

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