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Hey. I`m posting here to tell you all about an awsome band called Shinedown. Their album, Leave A Whisper is out now. You can check it out for free on the Shinedown player, which is at http://buzztone.atlanticrecords.com/Shinedown/ .Their website is www.shinedown.com if you wanna look into it further. They also have a kick-ass street team if you wanna check it out it can be found here. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to email me at agothicromance005@hotmail.com. Thanks for your time !


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hey, guys, i just discovered a great band--shinedown. for those of you who havent heard of them, there's a shinedown player at http://buzztone.atlanticrecords.com/shinedown/ they are currently on tour with 3dd and tantric. that's where i first heard them. this is one of those rare bands with a cd (Leave a Whisper) that you can listen all the way through. it's great. let me know what you think

megan :stars:

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