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It just means he likes Conan O'brien...Late night talk show stuff

Jay Leno who is now and was the Tonight Show host was replaced by Conan for awhile...Conan got fired or something and Jay Leno came back as the host...anyway Conan Had his own show in New York before getting Jay Leno's job...Conan moved to California...I can only assume he didn't like it there,the people in New York City were pi$$ed... it's just bad drama...

I'd move back to New York for some of that pizza...maybe Conan will too :smirk:

Anyway,the button means that he supports Conan

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Since this isn't exactly international news, I'll post this here:

Today, Powderfinger announced they would be disbanding (for good this time, not just a hiatus), and they will be doing a farewell tour of Australia in September/October, supported by Jet. I will be in Munich for Oktoberfest during the Perth concert, so I have very mixed feelings at the moment. :( :grin: :( :grin: :(

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Stones & Blur lovers:

LONDON (Reuters) – The Rolling Stones will release "Plundered My Soul," a track never heard before, as a limited edition vinyl single to mark Record Store Day Saturday which aims to support struggling music retail outlets.

An iTunes digital download version of the track will be available from Friday, according Universal Music Group.

Plundered My Soul was discovered during work on the reissue of "Exile on Main Street," considered one of the group's most important albums, due on May 17. The song will be one of 10 bonus tracks on the deluxe edition.

Other never-heard-before tracks featured on the Exile reissue include "Dancing in the Light," "Following the River" and "Pass The Wine."

British band Blur is also supporting Record Store Day with its first single for seven years, also as a limited edition vinyl single.

The release is part of a series of seven-inch singles being issued by the band's label to mark the day, with The Beatles and Lily Allen among EMI's releases, limited to 1,000 copies each.


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