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The average number of music albums owned by each man in the UK is 292, while the average amount owned by each woman is 221, the results of a new survey suggest.

The survey, for which 3,000 British people were quizzed on their music-buying habits by Comparedownload.com, also found that men spent more money on music than women.

According to the results, men spend an average of £12,480 on music in their lifetime. Women surveyed were estimated to spend £9,120.

42 per cent of men questioned admitted to illegal downloading, compared to 29 per cent of women. One in four men said over half of their music collection was comprised of illegal downloads.

full article on NME.com

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Lil Wayne is reportedly going to make an appearance on Weezer's upcoming album, "Raditude".

That's just... weird.

he's also reportedly going to be making an appearance in the downtown Phoenix courthouse very soon, but I can't remember on what charges.

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The much-lauded one-time group, Temple Of The Dog, had a reunion of sorts last night at the Pearl Jam concert in Los Angeles, according to a Rolling Stone report. It all happened midway through the set when Chris Cornell appeared on stage and the band performed their classic hit, "Hunger Strike".

Even though they didn't perform, Kim Thayil and Ben Shepherd, who were Cornell's bandmates in Soundgarden, accompanied him to see former Soundgarden drummer, Matt Cameron, perform in Pearl Jam. This marks the first time since Soundgarden broke up that the band was spotted in one place publicly.

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