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Latest Trivial Music News

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let's post all the small and not so important music news here :)

"Them Crooked Vultures have posted a snippet of one of their songs online in a video – watch it by clicking here."


" Recording industry bosses in Nigeria have united in their fight against music piracy, asking radio broadcasters to observe a No-Music Day.

Executives at the Nigerian Music Industry Coalition claim their artists are not being paid royalties when their songs are played on the radio - and demanded stations go silent on Tuesday (1 September).

According to coalition spokesperson Efe Omorogbe, many stations and nightclubs, particularly in the city of Lagos, see obtaining music licences as an "alien idea". "

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Michael Jackson's daughter got her first haircut ever and the barber was ordered to get on their hands and knees and pick-up every strand and put them in a plastic bag for her escort to take. They were worried about somebody getting a hold of the strands to test for DNA on whether or not Michael was her real father.

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I would've called the thread "Latest Music News" or something, but I guess this works too :D

I can't edit it anymore to add a 'latest' :P


Monkeys Proven To Be Metal Fans

" Psychology Professor Charles Snowdon teamed up with musician David Teie, who plays cello for the National Symphony Orchestra. They found that 30-second clips composed by Mr Teie on the basis of actual monkey calls provoked the strongest reaction.

Of all the human bands played to the tamarins, Metallica calmed them down.

Mr Teie of the University of Maryland composed using specific features he noticed in the monkey's calls, attempting to convey two opposite emotions – danger and safety.

The monkeys responded accordingly being either anxious or relaxed.

The pair also found monkeys use tone, pitch and other auditory clues to express emotions. "

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A former member of Echo And The Bunnymen has been killed in a motorcycle accident on the Isle Of Man.

Jake Brockman, 53, died when his bike was in collision with a converted ambulance near Kirk Michael on Tuesday.

Known to fans as the "Fifth Bunnyman", he had been associated with the Liverpool band since its 80s heyday and became a full-time member in 1989.

That same year, the band's first drummer Pete De Freitas died in a similar crash.

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^Exhausted from touring? they didn't even come near my home town! :P

Rush Might Reunite Next Year

Rush guitarist Alex Lifeson has told Noisecreep that the trio would love to work again with Nick Raskulinecz, who co-produced the last studio album, "Snakes & Arrows", but Nick will have to hang on a bit longer.

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David Bowie has received one of the most unusual tributes of his career. A newly discovered Malaysian spider has been named after the rock star.

The giant yellow – and very hairy – spider has been named Heteropoda davidbowie and is the most recent discovery of German spider specialist Peter Jäger, who has found 200 new species in the past 10 years.

Most of these arachnids are endangered, and by naming spiders after celebrities Jäger hopes to attract public attention to the dangers facing each species. "It is working against time," he says. "Along with the species, we are also quickly losing genetic resources that have evolved over more than 300 million years."

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U2 has been confirmed as the musical guest for the season premiere of Saturday Night Live, scheduled for September 26th on NBC, according to FMBQ.com.

This will mark the third time that the Irish quartet has played the show.

The evening's guest host will be Transformers and Jennifer's Body star Megan Fox.

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In case you heard this nasty rumor:



Addressing the rumor that Charlie Watts had quit the Rolling Stones after 46 years, his spokesman denied that the drummer was going anywhere.

Undercover.com.au posted a quote from an unnamed Stones insider saying that Watts "will never record or tour with the band again." According to the source, Watts would be replaced by Charlie Drayton of Keith Richards' side band the Expensive Winos. Of course any Keith Richards fan knows that apart from his solo classic "Take it So Hard" -- which Drayton drummed on as a fluke -- Steve Jordan is the Expensive Winos' drummer.

Watts' spokesman told uncut.co.uk, "Contrary to a fabricated story that ran this morning on a small music web site in Australia, drummer Charlie Watts has not left The Rolling Stones. Charlie Watts joined the band in 1963."

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Some more info on this:

"Ranked #1 in Kerrang Magazine’s "100 Gigs That Shook The World" and voted as "Nirvana’s #1 Greatest Moment" by fans in an Nme poll, Nirvana’s historic August 30, 1992 headlining appearance at the UK’s Reading Festival is one of the most bootlegged concerts in the annals of rock’n’roll. Now, fans will have an opportunity to own a pristine copy of that entire performance – with colour-corrected video from the original film with audio sourced from the original multi-track masters. Nirvana Live At Reading will be issued in a limited edition DVD+CD Deluxe Edition as well as DVD-only, CD-only configurations on November 2, 2009, followed by a 2 LP version on November 16, 2009."

and a bonus news:

"In a recent conversation with Rolling Stone, famous guitarist Keith Richards stated he has been working on new songs with Jack White."

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