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Songfactor's Top 10 Movies {COMEDY}


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How can you "waffle" on Caddyshack. You already took dibs on it.


you're so scary sometimes. I didn't say I was NOT keeping the nomination, I'm just wondering if I should have done Major League instead, since that's actually been one of the my all-time favorite comedies over the years.

However, if someone else would like to take it, then I'll take Major League.

Now, keep your knickers untwisted. wtf

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somebody has to nominate Wayne's World... and Spaceballs and Hot Shots and... and... :P

You still have a nomination remaining :shades:

I don't think I even know 'The Ringer' :blush:

It's a movie staring the guy from Jackass, who is a ringer in the special olympics and has to pretend to be a retard.

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