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Alan Merrill (The Arrows)

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I love the Internet. You can read about "I Love Rock and Roll" and watch the video of the original version by The Arrows, which is Alan's group. Here are a few things that make this guy interesting:

  • With The Arrows, had his own TV show.
  • One of the first guys to do Glam Rock, and he explains exactly what that is and how Bob Dylan influenced it.
  • He grew up with Laura Nyro and was there when she was writing her classic songs.
  • He wrote the first song to be taken to space.
  • He was the first American to live in Japan and become a pop star.

I hope the interview reflects this, but Alan is a very likable and passionate guy who seems to live by the mantra, When in doubt, do it. With all the world travels under his belt, he could be in a Dos Equis commercial.

Interview with Alan Merrill

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