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Favorite Debut Albums

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Most of what has already been mentioned on this thread, another one that I really like is Alice in Chains - Facelift, it was a prime example of grunge blended with 90's hard rock. It displayed a promising series of guitar work with identifiable lyrics.

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Ok, I guess my choices aren't going to be popular with you guys but here they are anyway:

Velvet Underground & Nico - Velvet Underground

Damned Damned Damned - The Damned

Crocodiles - Echo & the Bunnymen

Psychedelic Furs - Psychedelic Furs

Psychocandy - Jesus & Mary Chain

Isn't Anything - My Bloody Valentine

Highly Evolved - The Vines

Turn on the Bright Lights - Interpol

Stellastarr*- Stellastarr*

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Today and tonight I listened to Boston's debut album (one of my first albums owned) & their follow up "Don't Look Back", and WOW...they sound so amazing. I think I played "A Man I'll Never Be", "More Than a Feeling" and "Don't Look Back" 20 times each!

What they put out for albums may have been few and far between, and many people say that all their songs sound alike (like AC/DC's), but IMO they were incredible. Tom Scholz, an MIT engineer, was brilliant! :bow:

Brad Delp (his voice is one of the best in rock and roll) was making coils in a factory for Mr. Coffee machines while he sang locally here and there. Thank God someone took notice.

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Parachutes - Coldplay

Gish - Smashing Pumpkins

Pablo Honey - Radiohead



Debut - Bjork

Throwing copper - Live

Premiers Symptomes - Air



Verkligen - Kent

16 stone - Bush

Nelly Furtado

Come away with me - Norah Jones

Too darn many to choose from! :doh:

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Greetings From Asbury Park...Da Boss

I'll second that - fantastic album - all those words, including, "I swear I found the key to the universe in the engine of an old parked car".

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i forgot loads of irish ones!

O - Damien Rice

Skylarking - Mic Christopher (posthumous)

Casual Sex in the Cineplex - The Sultans of Ping fc

Can't Stop I'm Being Timed - Fred (funniest band in the world, from Cork of course!)

Another Love Song - The Frames dc

Staros - Nina Hynes

The Big Romance - David Kitt

33 1/3 Grand Street - Mark Geary

Charm - Maria Doyle Kennedy (first solo release)

The World's Not Round - Colm Quearney

When It's All Over We Still Have To Clear Up - Snow Patrol

loads loads more. the irish singer-songwriter scene rocks!!

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