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Top Tens by Decade - The 2000s

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And here we are for the last (not least) episode of our voyage through the decades, with the



btw, Is there actually a short name, how this decade - 00s - is called?

"the zeros"?

"double zeros"?

and does it matter anyway?



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This is going to be very hard I think. Just for me to even think of my nominations. Everytime I think of song & check the release year .... nope 90's. :P oh well, I'll try harder.

I call it "The Aughts". :grin:

I'm torn between aught and naught. I'd always thought aught, because in the world of rifles there is the 30.06. That number is said as "thirty aught six. However Jethro Bodine of The Beverly Hillbillies gave up being a brain surgeon to become a double naught spy and I've got to think Jethro may be right. :D

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It's Been Awhile - Staind - 2001

Float On-Modest Mouse-2004

Gnarls will be my number one but MC gave me the opportunity to add Staind so I'm happy.

Ya all knew I'd make sure Modest Mouse was in there. Harder to pick what song. The one I did decide on was the only one out of all their songs I've nominated in the weekly TT that made it. Someone other them me got "Float On" in the TT :D

I would have chosen "The World at Large", "Bukowski", "Little Motel", or "Dashboard", but none of those did well in the TT so..."Float On" it is :thumbsup:

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