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Songfactor's Top 10 Movies {DRAMA}

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In this Top 10 special, we will be doing a non-music theme.

We ask you to nominate two drama movies that you feel are classics or just overall great films.

The same regular rules that go with the top 10s applies here. First week is for nominations, then the regular top 10 voting will go on for another week or until everybody has their votes in.

Please let us have your nominations now

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It's pretty difficult not just to narrow it to what kind of drama, but also to nominate a drama that a lot of people have seen (i.e., no dramas outside of Hollywood?).

Balls it! I'm gonna go with:

Les Quatre Cents Coups ("The 400 Blows")


花ã¨ã‚¢ãƒªã‚¹/Hana To Arisu ("Hana And Alice")


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I think this list is going to be quite difficult for me...

there are a lot of films already nominated that I quite like, some are among my all time favourites - but on the other hand I don't know if I can vote for them, because I don't really consider them to be 'Dramas' in the first place (even though technically they might be one)

...and also I have to decide on a second nomination


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