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What's with the rating?

Lu Yerna

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Oh okay, I rated you 5 too btw, but yeah I dont like the star thingies :shades:

Maybe it could be changed from stars to musical notes. Or instead of water creatures, start off with a single note and work your way up.






Double Album


I don't know. Just thinking through my fingers.

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So far as the ratings go, I'll never understand the purpose for negative ratings. People are just too sensitive IMO.

The ratings would be more accurate if there was only positive ratings. If a person gets bent out of shape because someone doesn't like their band, presidential candidate, religion or color of underwear then they won't rate at all. I've always thought a rating system should be composed of good karma, not bad.

One only needs to browse the different forums and realize that much discussion is based on who's the worst singer, worst band, worst this, worst that, etc.etc., to realize that having a negative rating system only invites one thing, negativity.

If a person likes someone's post enough to rate it positive then fine. But, IMO, there are more that like to find things wrong than find things right. It is these people that are heavy on the negative ratings trigger. You know who you are. I watch peoples' ratings go down simply for expressing their honest opinion. Like I said earlier, people are too sensitive and I don't feel it right for many good posters to be advertised low simply because someone doesn't agree with them. Not everyone looks past the stars but they should.

I've given some positive ratings. But anyone thinking I've ever given negative ratings are only fooling themself.

I've always considered ratings superficial anyway. A person's post is their rating, not a bunch of stars. Hopefully, I've not offended anyone with my rant because this post isn't aimed at anyone in particular. My aim is for everyone to get along. Songfacts is a positive community and if someone doesn't like someone for whatever reason then why bother taking the time to rate them at all?

*end rant here

But, the musical notes are a nice idea. Or, maybe, little goldfish.

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I gave you a 5 awhile ago, when we were exchanging pm's and talking about Ireland. I just checked again and it let me rate you again, ohh well.

I rated you both as 5's. I guess I'm just a softie. (Not really, because I haven't rated everyone that high! ;))

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Muzik and I have had a few interesting discussions since I've been here, and we've had some lively point-counterpoint

palavars, but I'm right with him on this one. The little stars are fun, but I personally don't really pay that much attention to them.

I also agree with what he said about negativity only inviting more of the same. I am guilty of saying negative things in here, as I'm sure most everyone in here is, as well.

Sometimes it's constructive, though. The post about things in songs that irritated you was most enlightening,(or should I say enlighteninging?) and funny. Some of the posts were things that vexed me about songs, so it was nice to see other folks heard the same things.

On the other hand, the posts, "Who do you hate" and whatnot, don't really serve any purpose, musically, philosophically, or otherwise. It's just a place to complain. I generally move right on past those posts. I'm a firm believer in karma, and I try to steer clear of negative energy.

Anyway, now I've completely lost my train of thought. :doh:

Rats! ~~ Charlie Brown

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Hey thanks

Ahh Im going now, unsupervised parties here I come!



Hey Gillian.....what time do those parties begin? Considering the time of your post (5:10 p.m. PST US on 8/15) that would put Ireland at 1:10 a.m. on Monday morning. You all must really not care about work and school in the morning! LOL

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It'd be more entertaining if a 'ring' existed, where persons having a cyber-tiff could duke it out and other people could watch if they wanted. You could even have cyber-tagging and a cyber-scoresheet.

Seems like a great idea at the moment, but I haven't had any sleep so far tonight (and it is 7.30am) as my littlest has impetigo and a cold.


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