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It Could Happen

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Dreamed some dreams some might not permit

Though permission is hardly a goal

Spoken, the dreams’ tones might prohibit

Echoes ripping around the soul

Quas m’diddle! That did what I want

When using an imagination

Expanding space skates or stars on the ground

A crammed mind’s separation

Treasure in a bathtub

Mountain slopes a’treeing

Wind horse without a wood pole

All trying to come into being

In case they’ve wondered:

I keeps my

Get out of jail free trophy

At night near the bunk

In case I’ve wondered:

Hate to claim straight

But nothing quite as useless

As a sixteen dollar drunk

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Although I love your style - always! - I confess I'm lost with this one. My sister has always said to me, "Shawna, I know you're a good writer, but I don't understand your poetry." So I suppose it's not a bad thing. :)

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I do not normally write in a cryptic manner, but after reading of the life of Theodor "Dr. Suess" Geisel and a particularly frustrating period of his life when he longed to break out of the corporate mold - he was producing advertising material for Standard Oil - tried to "get inside his head" and came up with this. He was a complex (and sometimes cryptic) man whose angst occasionally flaired to mental fire, until he found his ultimate freedom in writing based only upon things invented in his fertile mind. He once said that writing in his style was "better than getting drunk!"

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I've thought a bit about the prose in this entry.

You've stated what a universal language means.

Good show and...


^ Reminds me of a pimps' tally @ the end of a LONG...Hard...Night;

But, isn't that the basis?

Wonderful writing, nevertheless.

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