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Golden Oldies Top 40 #19

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Thanks CeeJay. Very interesting as usual, but I'd just like to clarify this:

You've Really Got A Hold On Me retained the #1 but it certainly wasn't the popular choice for the week. You Don't Own Me received + votes from five people, and You've Really Got A Hold On Me + from just one.

The late vote didn't favor You Don't Own Me, which was ahead up to there.

Both songs finished on equal points, so there's no 'stranglehold' on #1.

By stranglehold, I meant how long it had been at #1, not that it wasn't nearly unseated. I should have just said "record-setting" since it is the 1st song to be #1 4 weeks in a row. Runaway was #1 for 4 weeks, but non-consecutive.

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I might be wrong (probably am) but I was thinking that this is Louie Louie's second trip up the chart. It's just not that great a song, for me. :P:D

This is only Louie Louie's 1st trip up the ladder. Only 2 songs have re-entered the chart after dropping out: Rhythm of the Rain by the Cascades and I Walk the Line by Johnny Cash.

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