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Area Combed For Gnomes That Roamed From Homes

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Ocean City cops sort out gnomes prank

by The Associated Press

OCEAN CITY -- Police in this southern New Jersey town have 75 gnomes without homes.

Police said eight Ocean City High School students gathered the dwarflike figures and strategically placed them on the school's lawn Thursday.

No one has reported any gnomes missing and police are treating the incident as a graduation prank.

Police suspect the gnomes were taken from around Cape May County. But principal Matthew Jamison said he's not sure if they were stolen or purchased at flea markets.

Lt. Steven Ang says most "exercised their constitutional right not to speak to police."

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Great headline. :D

I think it was a cute idea, one that didn't hurt anybody ....

A local school here pulled a senior prank that I thought was pretty good, didn't hurt anyone, etc. They somehow got into the high school, and removed every folding chair in the place, and set them up on the football field to spell out "Class of 2009". Not a bad prank, considering they all needed to be brought out & set up for graduation ceremonies anyhow. The principle banned all the participants from the graduation ceremony because of the security issue of them being able to access the school. Sounds like the school's issue, not the kids. The principle is lucky he hasn't found his car with a surprise paint job or something. :P

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