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Absent Abroad (Poem)

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Can you please give me some feedback on this poem i wrote. thanks :)

I miss your voice

it was the most beautiful noise

I never thought i'd see you again

And it created the most depressing pain

After i saw you on that rainy day

I felt myself start to break away

I miss your smile

It radiated such style

I still see it in my dreams

Where it shines and gleams

The happiness while dreaming

It leaves my eyes streaming

But blissful dreams arent all i get

Others are full of death and regret

I look back now

This tradgedy, how did i allow?

I should have seen it coming

But the bliss i felt was entirely numbing

I guess i just wanted to say

That even though im far away

If you close your eyes

You may find a surprise

Im waiting for you up the stream

In a golden dream

But as you awake

You see that only one could partake

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My hand is up for being guilty as charged in response by noting, thinking, contemplating, conjecturing (pensive) and spilling most thoughts on paper. A normal trait that we all love to believe that the other (and/or readers like myself) could also sense and feel the mood and thoughts from your words. Unfortunately, once that someone decides to move on would barely register any emotion from your intentions. That's not to say he/she isn't compassionate but again normally, when one drifts away/apart keeps it that way instead of continued and unnecessary pain, discomfort and their own set pact that things would not be the same.

I used to write a lot in those moments of pain. Perhaps I should dig out some of my old poems and such.

Thanks for the read - I've been there many times before.


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