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He never saw it coming

Nor did he realize until his own blood spread through the cliffs of Dover with a four-leaf clover

Shock was just starting to kick and sounds a'screamin'

Over and over

Adrenaline . . .

He saw his body whilst his head spiraled down . . .

And down . . .the steps of agony... to the deepest of all darkness where light never casts and nothing nice . . .

He blinked, not once, but thirty times thrice.

His last words were . . ."Vultures!"

As he arose from the ashes

His name, and presence glowing . . .


Still growing

Every decade he'd succumb to fire and ashes with terrible *things . . .

For ever and ever! He regreted, yet, beget. From whence there was nothing now besought

He'd spread the widest of *wings

Or so we thought?

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