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Eddie From Ohio - one of my favorites!

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First off, Eddie From Ohio is not from Ohio! This group of 4 hails from Virginia - you can read about their name and lots of other great info on their website: www.eddiefromohio.com. You also can sample a couple of their songs there. (Click on the Quick album and listen to the title song - its a good representation of their music.)

I first heard them when I was living in Atlanta - they tour extensively and are a lot of fun live. They're one of those bands that hasn't made it to the "mainstream" but have a large, dedicated fan base. Calling them a folk band is limiting the scope of their music but its the best name I can put on it. They describe themsleves as "Folkin' Excellent!" :googly:

The music is lyrically driven and has great acoustic instrumentation - bongos, harmonica, guitars, vocal harmonies, etc. Check them out - you won't be dissappointed! Anyone else heard them and have anything to add?

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